• hello mate – is this is your design? if it is i would like to say its brilliant, and in same time ask you if you dont mind if I would use it. I wish to have your peace of art as tatoo.

    • Unfortunately it’s not mine, I wish I could draw like this :))
      here is the original: http://cele-1-20.deviantart.com/art/Vitruvian-Alien-tattoo-design-138589182
      but anyway, if you want this as a tattoo, just do it, I’m sure the owner gonna be glad ;)

  • How does one get permission to use the above image.  I wanted to use it for my son’s birthday cake.  Birthday is in a few days so I would need i soon.

  • Bad News, people. The author did not allow anybody to use it. Also, it´s not available to download at DevianArt.

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