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Apr 8, 2016
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The History of Rock – epic mega mash-up

History Of Rock

History of Rock from Ithaca Audio on Vimeo.


A History of Rock in 15 minutes.
348 rockstars, 84 guitarists, 64 songs, 44 drummers, 1 mashup.
Download audio version:

Thanks for the amazing response to the video in the last couple of days, it’s really blown us away.
Some people have also made some really good points about the diversity of the acts involved and raised questions about what’s been included vs what hasn’t etc. There are tons of hugely influential artists and sub-genres that we haven’t included in this and our main aim was to create a mashup that was foremost entertaining to watch, contain it to around 15mins, for it to primarily work well musically (and in the form of a Facebook feed) and have examples of the evolution of mainstream rock over the decades rather than create a kind of definitive documentary of rock. We really hope that comes across and you guys enjoy the video for what it is. It would have been great for us to start earlier on and explore more of the influence of the early pioneers before Elvis, which we picked mainly because musically it makes a great sounding intro with The Yardbirds. As you guys can probably tell, more hours than we’d like to think about now went into working out this giant musical jigsaw and getting it to work harmonically at the same time, but in hindsight we’d have loved to have tried to get some of the incredible women in rock to sit within the mix and feature a few videos rather than just noting their influence. Thanks for all the love so far and the interesting points that people are making too – it’s all great to hear.

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Apr 6, 2016
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#Japan (In Japan – a video by Vincent Urban)

japan by vincent urban

In Japan – 2015 from Vincent Urban on Vimeo.

This film is a collection of audiovisual moments and memories of a 3-week railway journey through Japan in 2015. We were whizzing through the country with the Shinkansen visiting Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima and Kyoto as well as lots of wonderful little places along the way, meeting the most friendly people and experiencing a culture that somehow balances its rich tradition with a very futuristic present.

Filmed by: Vincent Urban, Alex Schiller, Alex Tank
Edit & Sounddesign by: Vincent Urban
Grading by: Alex Schiller
Music: Moderat – PORC #1 & PORC #2

Mar 1, 2016
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“Balance” – (winner of the Academy Award for Best Animated Short of 1989)




Balance is a German surrealist stop-motion animated film, released in 1989. It was directed and produced by twin brothers Wolfgang and Christoph Lauenstein.

Feb 16, 2016
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Lady Gaga – David Bowie tribute (Intel Performance | 58th GRAMMYs)

Lady Gaga - David Bowie tribute at Grammy 2016

Lady Gaga tribute to David Bowie at the 2016 Grammys. Mindblowing visuals, and the music is 10/10 as well. Well done!

Jan 14, 2016
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Mindblowing video mapping by Playmodes

vide mapping by Dazz

DAZZ from Playmodes on Vimeo.

Black and white as the scientific method that leads the XXIst century humanity. Classification, categorization and organization are the neuron agents that rule the world. But every conceptual construction has it’s own limitations, holes and scratches.

“DAZZ” is an immersive journey through the limits of sound, image and physical perceptions.

Jan 14, 2016
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Porta Estel·lar – epic video mapping inside a plane

Porta Estel·lar

Porta Estel·lar from Playmodes on Vimeo.

Porta Estel·lar (the catalan for Star Gate), by PlayMID, is an immersive light and sound installation inside a plane. This video is a document of the set-up made on Barcelona’s Ciutadella park during september of 2015.


Through the creation of visual and sound sequences that suggest the idea of interstellar travel, audience flies to outer space in an intense trip, from departure and takeoff to the sighting of comets, planets, galaxies and alien worlds, until finally returning safe to earth.

The plane itself is an art project from Eduardo Cajal,, who bought, transformed and adapted the plane to hold this kind of art performances inside it.

Mar 31, 2015
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“Box” by Bot & Dolly (projection mapping video)


from Bot & Dolly on Vimeo.

Box explores the synthesis of real and digital space through projection-mapping onto moving surfaces. The short film documents a live performance, captured entirely in camera.

Behind the scenes videos after the jump: Continue reading »

Dec 29, 2013
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Top 10 albums by HarderGeneration (2013)


Kötelező évvégi toplista következik, szokásosan eklektikus és műfajfüggetlen top10.

Irgalmatlan mennyiségű anyag futott be idén, meglepően sok új, friss banda van, ami a lehető legjobb hír egy zenebuzi számára. A “letöltés megöli a zenét” érv mára már egyértelműen és bizonyítottan baromság (az Iron Maiden például oda megy turnézni, ahol a legtöbbet torrentezik az IM albumokat), több zene készült idén, mint amit normális ember befogadni képes; jobban virágzik a zeneipar, mint valaha. Jómagam idén visszatértem a gyökereimhez és túlnyomó többségben agyletépős gitárzúzdát hallgatok, de ettől függetlenül folyamatosan követem a régi és új kedvenceket, így természetesen akad néhány különlegesség is a tarsolyban. Klikk a továbbra a listáért, zenehallgatásért (az összes full album meghallgatható youtuberól a poszton belül) és albumajánlókért!  Continue reading »

Dec 9, 2013
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Beardyman: The Polyphonic Me

Beardyman- The polyphonic me

Beardyman, “ruler of beats and destroyer of dance floors,” has developed a real-time music-production system that places live looping at the center of a new musical paradigm.

Csalódván, hogy nem képes két hangjegyet egy időben elénekelni, a zenei feltaláló, Beardyman épített egy gépet, mely lehetővé teszi számára, hogy a saját maga által keltett hangokkal végtelenített visszajátszásokat és rétegeket képezzen. Tekintettel arra, hogy könnyűszerrel elővarázsolja mindennek a hangját, kezdve a síró babától a légy zümmögéséig, nem beszélve arról, hogy majdhogynem az összes elképzelhető zenei hangszert utánozni képes, ez elég sok különböző hang. Dőljön hátra és hagyja, hogy e káprázatos előadás hangjai magával ragadják.

Source: TED

Dec 7, 2013
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Journey part 1 by Andrew Walker (timelapse video)


Journey Part 1 from Andrew Walker on Vimeo.

This timelapse video is a collection of footage shot over the last year and a half around the western half of the United States. The shots ranged from very different locations. From Montana to Arizona and most weren’t easy to get to but of course that makes them worth going to. The locations captured ranged in temps of 100 degrees to -9 degrees and in elevations of 12,000 feet to 225 feet below sea level. It took over 15,000 captured still images to make this video.

I would like to thank the companies that provided motion control equipment.

The TB3 eMotimo that I used along with the Dynamic Perception Stage Zero was a huge help in getting some of these shots.

Music: “Journey to the Line” Artist: Hans Zimmer:

Twitter: Drew599

There will be a follow up video to this one that will cover the urban aspect.



Mixes for the HarderGeneration