Jul 8, 2014
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ENG post: KING 810 – Fat Around The Heart [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

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KING 810 - Fat Around The Heart [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

KING 810 – Fat Around The Heart [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The first time I’ve heard about this band was from Machine Head’s singer Robb Flynn. “Midwest Monsters” was the 5th in his “best metal albums 2013”  list. I was curious so I checked every band that I didn’t know from that top10 and King 810 was far the most impressive. After my research I found out that this band is basically a ghost. They only appeared on a very few articles and forums and all the comments about them were really, I mean REALLY negative. Violent gigs, broken bones, fights, guns, misbehaviour and no respect at all for anything. As good as the album is as dickheads the members are. But still, there was only a very few info about them, missing facebook page and even no official website. The only fact that I could find out back then is that they’re from Flint, the “murder town”, a very, VERY shitty place, one of the most dangerous cities in the States where you have to have a gun if you want to survive. 

And suddenly they appeared on the Download fest’s line up. After that things got busy around them, new EP, upcoming album, gigs and everything. By now it’s clear, they are real assholes. Band members got arrested for fighting , also carrying guns ON STAGE and stuff like that. An they’re even proud of these as you can see on their Facebook page.

Well, definitely not the best and friendliest dudes ever, that’s for sure, but what about the music?

The sound is between old school hardcore and heavy nu-metal, somewhere around the first Slipknot album with less electronics, but even angrier, dirtier, and more pissed off (I know it’s sounds impossible, but trust me, it’s not). After this album you NEVEREVEREVER want to go to Flint. Or to live there. Especially to live there. The music is the same as the members: violent, aggressive, and filled with hatred. I don’t see a huge progress after the Midwest Monsters disc,  the “Proem” EP is almost the same but I’m quite sure that signing a contract with Roadrunner records was a big step for them and we can expect much better quality from now on.

Now here’s a brand new video:

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Official site: king810.com


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