Dec 12, 2013
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Burial – Rival Dealer (EP)(2013) – stream the whole EP!


Brand new EP from Burial, one of the most interesting things in electronic music nowadays. This guy lives for music, he don’t care about the fame, money or anything, only tunes in the underground.

If you don’t know him (well, you should), check out these interviews (there’s only 3 on the interwebz) to see the passionate musical genius behind the sound. If someone can transform music into words, that’s him. He has the skill to produce such amazing music and describe them, but he’s hiding in the dark, writing tunes. Nobody know his identity, except his family and less than 5 people.

Click on the play button at the end of this post as a background music for his words about his own music and ideology. Enjoy the darkness.


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“The sound that I’m focused on is more, you know, when you come out of a club and there’s that echo in your head of the music you just heard…I love that music, but I can’t make that club sort of stuff…but I can try and make the afterglow of that music.”

“You know what I mean…it’s like people after a club and they’re sitting around or playing Playstation and stuff, still listening to the echo of their night out in their heads. Or when you walk down the stairs into a club and you start hearing the music, but there’s people talking around you and the music mixes itself in with real life. I like that sound…it’s like a memory of a tune. I think I can maybe make that sound better than I can make a club tune. I can’t make super-tunes, but I can make eerie tunes…quiet and rolled-out, with the elements out of reach.”

“I like putting uplifting elements in something that’s moody as fuck. Make them appear for a moment, and then take them away. That’s the sound I love…like embers in the tune…little glowing bits of vocals…they appear for a second, then fade away and you’re left with an empty, sort of air-duct sound…something that’s eerie and empty. Like you’re waiting just inside a newsagent in the rain…a little sanctuary, then you walk out in it. I love that.”
(source: interview)

“Mates laugh at me because I like whale songs but I love ‘em, I like vocals to be like that, like a night cry, an angel animal. Old hardcore tunes would throw these sounds in, anything to create the rush, descent into another world, like Papua New Guinea by Future Sound of London. love this one feeling, it only happens to you when you’re out in the cold, when your down, this shiver attempts to warm you up, bring you back. For a moment you get this weird, eerie distant feeling like it’s just for you, you get taken out of yourself.”

“So I’d be wandering endlessly, getting in places. Being on your own listening to headphones is not a million miles away from being in a club surrounded by people, you let it in, you’re more open to it. Sometimes you get that feeling like a ghost touched your heart, like someone walks with you. In London, there’s a kind of atmosphere that everyone knows about but if you talk about it, it just sort of disappears.”

“Yeah, I’m just a well low key person. I want to be unknown, because I’d rather be around my mates and family than other things, but there’s no need to focus on it. Most of the tunes I like, I never knew what the people who made them looked like anyway. It draws you in. You could believe in it more. I like it if it’s more secret, people can get into the tunes more. I just want to be in a symbol, a tune, the name of a tune. It’s not like it’s a new thing. It’s one of the old underground ways and it’s easier.”
(source: interview)

“I like it that way. I’ve had times when I’ve had mates sitting next to me and they’ve put my tunes on without knowing. I would just sit there whispering to myself, ‘Please don’t put that on – or at least, don’t say anything bad about it,” he says, with a nervous laugh. “I’ve had someone say to me, ‘Yeah, Burial’s a girl. I know someone who met her.’

“When I’m awake all night, sometimes I see the people and the city waking up around me. I feel a little bit moody at them for stepping into my night-time. What I want is that feeling when you’re in the rain, or a storm. It’s a shiver at the edge of your mind, an atmosphere of hearing a sad, distant sound, but it seems closer – like it’s just for you. Like hearing rain or a whale-song, a cry in the dark, the far cry.”

Burial – Rival Dealer (EP)(2013)

  1. Rival Dealer
  2. Hiders
  3. Come Down To Us

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